I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about my design style and philosophy.

With me, you get precise design tailored to your family’s lifestyle and tastes. I want to create a space for you that’s beautiful and inviting and that you aren’t afraid to live in. It’s important that my clients feel comfortable in their homes!

I call my style “Timeless Traditional.” I typically avoid trendy hard finishes (the stuff that’s glued down in your home) in favor of timeless finishes. I prefer to incorporate trends in soft finishes like furniture and accessories so that it’s easier to transition whenever the next fad appears.

I am a Certified True Colour Expert™, which means that I can differentiate between 9 neutral undertones and 4 variations of white to ensure that all the colors in your room coordinate. Whether we’re choosing hard finishes like tile and countertops or painting a room with several clashing undertones, I can help you choose the best neutrals and colors for your space.

But I deliver more than just a pretty room. The key to a successful design experience is having a plan. I take all my clients through a 4-step process which alleviates pain points and gives you a home you will love. Because that’s what we’re all after, right?


Amber Cummings

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Maria Killam Certified True Colour Expert