In my last blog post, I told you guys that grays are going out of style and whites are coming in. It’s no surprise given the extreme popularity of the all-white farmhouse kitchens featured on HGTV and in home décor magazines.

I’ll be honest, I love them too.

So this week I thought I would give you my 4 favorite, most-useful white paint colors by Sherwin-Williams. Whether you’re looking to change a dated room or get a head start on the newest color trend, one of these whites should work well in your home.

Disclaimer: these colors will not look right in *every* home. That’s just the nature of color. Be sure to do a large sample test (at least a 5 ft x 5 ft area) before committing to a color. Also keep in mind the overall style of your home; I hate to break it to you, but a Tuscan-style home painted “art gallery” white will look unfinished every time.

If you are really struggling with choosing a color to paint your home, try one of my custom color consultations. I’ll work with you to find a color that best suits your taste and works with the finishes that are already present in your home. Click here for FAQs and to book a color consult today!

Now, on to the good stuff!


This off-white color is a great choice if you’re tired of the dark colors from the 2010s and ready for a fresh look. Alabaster isn’t a super-stark white, so it will work well in many of the homes that have been built in the last decade.


Westhighland White is a great color choice if your hard finishes are Tuscan-inspired (circa 2001-2009). If you want an updated feel for your home and can’t stand any more beige, put this color on your list of contenders. It’s a creamy ivory-white, so it shouldn’t look out of place against your yellow and bronze accents and finishes. This color looks especially good on exteriors.


Extra White is what I call a “true white.” It’s the most-neutral white you’ll find available. This is a great color for rooms with tons of natural light. For maximum effect, put it in a room with all-white finishes. But be careful when using this color on your walls; if your room doesn’t have the right aesthetic, it will look like you recently replaced the drywall and haven’t had time to paint.


This is a blue-white. It is the most stark of all the whites and looks best with finishes on the cool side, like polished chrome, black, and blue-grays. This is what I would consider “art gallery” white. It’s stunning when paired with Carrara Marble. I tend to use this color on trim, cabinetry, and ceilings. Millwork painted in High Reflective White contrasts beautifully against walls of any color, even when they’re painted white. All the trim in my house is painted in High Reflective White.

Which is your favorite white? Do you think you’ll be painting any part of your home white in the near future, or are you still in love with grays?

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